Get on the guestlist! Win prizes. meet people. have fun.

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Looks like someone has a crush on you! Or… do you have a crush on someone? :P Well there is only one way to find out the truth! Join us for Stoplight Crush Addition.

This year, Stoplight is at Carbon Lounge on February 22nd from 7:00-10:00. Cover is $10 for people on the guest list and $15 for general Admission.

Step 1: Your info

This is the guestlist sign up for SF Stoplight Party. This year we are playing a little game :). In order to sign up for guestlist, you must invite 3 of your crushes! But first, please fill in your info.

Step 2: Your Crushes

If you don't have three crushes, invite three of your cutest friends. :) Don't worry, your invite will be anonymous! To view a sample email click here.

HINT: If you don't know their email go to their facebook profile and copy their profile name (it's everything after and put after it and that will go to their facebook inbox! For example: The email for would be